When You Need New Chrysler Parts, You Need OEM Chrysler Parts

Look, there’s no getting around the fact that the best way to keep your vehicle properly maintained is to make sure that you have the right parts from the right manufacturers. When you’re buying auto parts online or from auto parts retailers in your own town, there’s a chance you’ll be getting replacement parts that made to look like the genuine article, but are, in fact, aftermarket parts. For your Chrysler-made vehicle, though, what you want are OEM parts, or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts. Not all auto parts are created equal, and for the best quality, those who originally made the part are best trusted for replacements.

What OEM Parts Are

Now keep in mind that OEM parts don’t necessarily mean that Chrysler made the part. However, sometimes Chrysler contracts with a certain manufacturer and included a certain part made by that manufacturer when building the vehicle and first putting it on the market. In that case, the part would be considered as one of many OEM Chrysler parts, and it is these you can get for your vehicle when you visit Mopar Online Parts. We have a wide selection of OEM parts to suit any Chrysler brand vehicle you might own, from Chryslers to Jeeps, Dodges, Ram trucks and Fiats.

The Mopar name is synonymous with all Chrysler vehicles, and we pride ourselves in connecting you with any OEM Chrysler parts you need. It is wise to keep your car in good working order with regular upkeep, and this maintenance is best done with genuine parts that were made with the car manufacturer’s exact specifications in mind.

What OEM Parts Aren’t

Aftermarket parts, which are non-OEM auto parts, are usually of an undeniable high quality. Even so, they are usually made more with the aftermarket part’s manufacturer in mind and not the original automaker or their OEM partners in automobile design and engineering. Their quality cannot be assured.

Why It’s Important to Use OEM Parts

By using only genuine OEM Chrysler parts, you can extend the life of your car far beyond you might see if you only use aftermarket parts. The temptation to use aftermarket parts comes about because it is assumed that OEM parts will be more expensive than the aftermarket ones. National auto parts retail chains know that people come to them because they want to save money. They also know that most people don’t know the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts, putting them in a good position to take advantage of customers for profit, possibly ensuring future breakdowns. This, in turn, means customers will return for more help.

We want you to avoid that eventuality. When you check out our Mopar Online Parts online catalog, you can be sure that what we want to give you are genuine OEM parts at prices you can afford.

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