Tips To Making a Visit to the Pike Place Market in Seattle Easier and Fun

If you are planning a visit to Seattle, a must-see attraction is the Pike Place Market. It is a one-of-a-kind venue that offers farm-fresh foods, bobbles, and international delights. Before you head to this popular destination, take the time to preplan a few things, such as parking for Pike Place Market and COVID-19 regulations. Knowing these facts will make your trip to this fish-flying arena a success.

Fish Market

One of the main attractions is the fish tossing. There are four dedicated seafood stands where you will get to see more than just fish. Because Pike sits so close to the Pacific Ocean, the vendors can get their hands on the freshest crabs, oysters, and calamari.

During the holidays, this place gets jammed packed with locals picking up pre-orders and tourists. Be prepared for crowds, but the busy atmosphere is all part of the event. In this same area, butchers sell other meats. Handmade sausages, spicy jerky, and organ meats are frequently available.

Craft Market

The craft area is brimming with local creations. Artists display their handy works, which range from custom bracelets to delicate needleworks. Consider snapping up some artisan soaps and lotions to take home to friends and family.


The complex opens at nine, and the restaurants and various shops keep their own hours. The facility has two sanitizing stations strategically placed. There are public restrooms, and only service animals are allowed on the grounds. For convenience, consider planning your parking for Pike Place Market at Seattle’s Parking Headquarters.


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