2 Types of Insurance Coverage You Should Consider for Your Auto Dealership

Have you been buying and selling pre-owned vehicles online and are now ready to open and operate a full-service dealership? Have you found the perfect location for your large enterprise and are now wondering about all the things you will need to begin operations? Are you also wondering how you can keep your business and assets secure and protected? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then here are two types of insurance coverage you may want to consider for your full-service dealership.

Auto Dealers Physical Damage Insurance

One type of coverage you should consider for your business is auto dealers physical damage coverage. As its name suggests, this type of insurance policy may provide benefits in the event your assets or inventory sustain damages while in your open lot. Collision coverage due to fire, lightning, explosion, and others may be included in this type of insurance policy.

Garage Keeper’s Liability

Another important type of insurance coverage to consider is garage keeper’s liability. This type of policy may provide benefits if your customer’s or client’s vehicle is damaged while in your possession or is stored on your commercial property.

Who You Can Trust for Complete Insurance Solutions?

Perhaps you are now searching for an insurance agency that offers these types of liability insurance for car dealers. Contact Auto Dealership Insurance. They offer several decades’ worth of combined insurance coverage expertise and can help you protect your full-service car dealership. So, when searching for a reputable and experienced insurance agency that offers the best liability insurance for car dealers, they are the ones to contact.

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