Why Essential Auto Service in New Haven Can Extend Your Car’s Life

Every car needs proper maintenance and scheduled services to give the best performance. These scheduled auto services not only help your car run smoother but extend its life, as well. Ignoring them can cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Wheel Alignment

Wear and potholes often displace a wheel from its correct alignment. Hitting a curb may also cause the alignment to go off. Proper wheel alignment not only increases the lifespan of your Chevrolet’s tires, but suspension components as well. Schedule annual wheel alignments with auto service in New Haven.

Power Steering Service

The fluid in your power steering collects moisture and dirt over time, clogging the steering. It’s the perfect recipe for disaster. The problem doesn’t present itself until it becomes a major mechanical failure. Periodically flushing the system, using additives, and getting regular check-ups from professionals such as Dave McDermott Chevrolet are all important.

Transmission Service

Leaving your car’s transmission unchecked for more than 60,000 miles is a huge mistake that can cost you a lot in the long haul. Check the fluid level regularly. If the fluid’s dark, it means the transmission is overheating and you need service before internal damage occurs.

Air Filter Replacement

Since air filters are exposed to the outside, they inevitably get wet and absorb all sorts of odors. They can also catch mold. Getting these filters replaced can prevent dirt and spores from getting into your car through the air-conditioning vents.

Fuel System Cleaning

Sludge and carbon flow through your fuel every day, depositing and forming build-up. Over time, this reduces drivability and engine life expectancy. For this reason, fuel additives are needed. Scheduling a fuel system cleaning with auto service in New Haven twice a year will do the trick. Use quality gasoline to keep the system clean.

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