Used Cars for Sale: The Land Rover Freelander

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Car Dealership

If you are looking at used cars for sale in Moorestown and like Land Rovers, why not go slightly off the beaten path and purchase a Freelander? This luxury compact SUV was first manufactured in 1997. It was discontinued in 2015. The two door-version was replaced by the Range Rover Evoque in 2011 while its four-door manifestation became the Discovery Sport in 2015.

The Land Rover Freelander

The Freelander had a good run. You can argue what it offered continued in the new form of the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Of the years available for serious consideration, it is best to start with the later years, when the bugs have been discovered and ironed out.

If you do not feel the need for a heavy influx of infotainment technology, consider the 2010 Freelander. Reviewers praised its powerful engine that combined with a superb suspension system and sharp and responsive steering to deliver excellent on and off-road drives. Two other options of these used cars for sale that combined the vehicle’s strengths of off and on-road abilities perfectly were those from 2012 and 2015.

Buying a Land Rover Freelander

The Land Rover Freelander did not leave without making its mark. It provided a template of sorts for other Land Rovers. This is particularly true for the Land Rover Discovery Sport. When buying any of these used cars for sale, it is always best to deal with an authorized and reputable Land Rover dealership. It will reduce the risks associated with purchasing any pre-owned vehicle.

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