Tips for Selling Used Car Parts in St. Paul, MN Based Salvage Yards

Selling second hand auto parts or cars is a profitable business in St. Paul city. Since most natives prefer to drive cars hence there are plenty of salvage yards all over the state of Minnesota. These yards accumulate vehicles, dismantle their functional parts, recondition them and store them for future sale. If you are planning to sell used car parts in St. Paul, MN, you might need a boost for starting this brand new business.

Mentioned below are a few useful tips for the same.

1) Firstly, you must acquire a yard by purchase or on lease. This land must be located in a commercial area and should be spacious enough to accommodate large sized vehicles. A vast property with a small office at the back side and a busy highway ahead serves as an ideal location for setting up an auto office. Remember that you will have to get your land fenced up to prevent unwanted trespassing.

2) Apply for a dealer’s license. Local transportation departments provide a special license to dealers who sell used car parts in St. Paul, MN. You will have to apply for a tax identification number at the state revenue office as well as a general business license too.

3) Invest in a tow trucks for your inventory because you are going to need it in future. A tow truck participates in the process of disassembling and relocating parts from one location to another. You can get this truck on loans or purchase it via monthly installment schemes.

4) Get an office constructed on the property. You should order for office supplies such as cash registers, furniture, fax machines, computers, stationary and lighting fixtures. You should also set up a system for keeping track of the incoming and outgoing stuffs. You will have to establish a security system for your cars too.

5) Create a sales page or brochure carrying basic info such as the business name, contact information and special offers, if possible.

6) Establish contacts with other vendors who keep used car parts in St. Paul, MN and build a strong social network. Sometimes the small scale dealers don’t have sufficient stock in their inventory hence they tend to place orders for items listed in their social network.

7) Start collecting worn out four wheelers for your stock house. You can search for second hand vehicles in the local garages or browse through classified listings of newspapers or online websites. Deposit half the payment and pick up your desired model. You can pay the rest amount on installments.

8) However, make sure that you acquire the title and other relevant documents if you are purchasing second hand vehicles.

9) Start promoting your business in online and offline markets. You may hire local call centers to do marketing via phone calls. Additionally, you may also publish advertisements on websites and magazines. Some dealers prefer to circulate pamphlets in their area.

Make sure that you have all the parts in stock and that they are functional otherwise you will lose business and risk your market reputation.

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