The Distinct Advantages of SUVs From a Jeep Dealership in Elmwood Park

Consumers increasingly choose sport utility vehicles instead of large sedans because of certain distinct advantages. Jeep offers several SUV models. People interested in taking vehicles for a test drive can do so at a Jeep dealership in Elmwood Park.

Passenger Space

Jeep still does not offer a three-row SUV, but even a subcompact model like the Renegade comfortably seats five adults. That makes smaller SUVs a good choice for families with two or three kids. They may not need any extra seating space, and the fuel economy is better.

Cargo Space

An SUV from a Jeep dealership in Elmwood Park provides plenty of cargo space. Parents bringing one child to hockey practice and another to cello lessons appreciate that feature. Packing a cartload of groceries into the back is a breeze. Bringing a big dog in its crate is no problem either.

A Sense of Safety

Many consumers choose SUVs for the feeling of safety connected with riding in a large, heavy vehicle. The SUV body is suspended higher from the ground than is the case with sedans, but it doesn’t require the legwork needed to climb into the average pickup truck.

Towing Capacity

Most sedans have a towing capacity of 1,000 tons or less, and some are not intended to tow anything. In contrast, the Jeep Cherokee, Compass and Renegade SUVs all have a towing capacity of 2,000 tons. They can safely haul a boat or a camper of that weight.

Anyone interested in test driving an SUV may do so at Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep after viewing the inventory at their website.

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