Signs that the Need for a Transmission Repair In Jenison MI Exists

Many people drive their vehicles for years without ever needing any type of Transmission Repair In Jenison MI. Others are not so lucky. Even with regular checks, there is still the potential for something to go wrong. Here are some signs that the time has come to have a professional check the condition of the transmission.

New and Disturbing Sounds

One of the early warnings that all is not right with the transmission is the development of sounds that were never present before. For example, perhaps the car seems to hum when it is engaged, or maybe there is a clunking sound when the car is moving forward or backward. While not definitive signs that there is a need for a Transmission Repair In Jenison MI, those new noises do make it wise to have the transmission checked.

Difficulties Changing Gears

In the past, moving from one gear to another was easy. Lately, it seems as if the transmission hesitates a little. There may be some shaking that takes place just before the car seems to slip into the right gear. It is also possible to hear what almost sounds like a grinding noise for a few seconds before everything seems to work normally again.

While the car is still going, the lag, shaking, and grinding is not something the car owner wants to dismiss. Taking the car in to a shop will reveal is there is the need for some minor tweaking, or if the time is coming for some major work to the transmission.

Remember that if there is anything about the movement of the vehicle that seems to be out of the ordinary, having the transmission checked is a smart move. Visit the website and learn more about the common signs that all is not well with this important part of the vehicle. After reading over the list, call Bob’s Transmission and arrange to take the car in for a complete check. With a little luck, the issue will turn out to be something minor, and a simple repair will ensure that the transmission works fine for many more years.

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