Lincoln Dealerships Reveal Best Way to Maintain Car Cooling Systems

Owning a car comes with great responsibility. Not only do you need to conduct constant inspection and regular maintenance, but you’ll also need to allot some of your budget for unforeseen repairs that might come your way. This is why it’s important to never skimp on caring and maintaining your car, especially its engine cooling system.

The Importance of Engine Cooling System

A vehicle’s cooling engine is a complex network of parts that carries heat away from the running engine by circulating liquid coolant and water. Suffice to say, the engine cooling system is essential for your vehicle to continue running smoothly. Lincoln car dealers in covington LA say that modern vehicles have similar cooling engines with the same components (radiator, coolant, belts, and the like), though there might be some slight differences in hose routing.

Why do engine cooling systems fail?

According to Lincoln dealerships, there are many reasons why an engine cooling system can fail. Perhaps the most common problem is coolant leakage, which is often the result of wear and tear. Leakage can occur when the coolant level drops too low and the engine is left to run with low to no coolant. This can lead to damage to warping or cracking of your car’s engine block. It can also mess with your car’s internal thermal sensor.

If left unfixed, coolant leakages can further develop into engine overheat and its eventual failure. So, how would you know if your cooling system is still in good working condition?

First, check if your temperature gauge is in the red section. Another telltale sign is a lingering sweet odor inside the cabin while your car is running. In addition, you may also notice drips on the ground when your vehicle is parked. If your car experiences any of these signs, then it’s time to bring it to a professional for inspection.

How to maintain an engine cooling system

Proper maintenance is key to preventing these problems from occurring in the first place. The first thing you need to do is to replace the coolant at regular intervals or as recommended by the manufacturer. The engine must be filled with coolant fluid at all times, and use a 50-50 mix of coolant and water. If you’re not sure about the brand of coolant to use, consult your car’s owner’s manual.

The next thing you should do is to ensure that your radiator is flushed annually, at the least. Additional flushes might be necessary if you use your car pretty heavily. Flushing rids the radiator of particle buildup that may result in clogging. Without it, the buildup can lead to the cooling system’s wear and tear.

Both tasks can be accomplished whenever you are bringing your car for maintenance. You can have these done when your car is due for an oil change or a tune up. This will prevent you from forgetting these important steps in caring for your engine cooling system.

For more helpful tips, check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.

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