How to Maximize Your Fall Getaway Using Only Your Kia from Rio Rancho

Thanks to COVID-19, more and more Americans now prefer road trips instead of holidaying abroad to avoid the risk of flying and the strict regulations at airports. While it may seem like one of the pandemic’s long-term adverse effects, this is actually good news for local tourism. If you are planning to spend the fall season traveling the country in your Kia from Rio Rancho too, here’s a checklist of things you need to fully enjoy your trip.

Emergency Supplies

Depending on your chosen route, you will probably have to stay in a B&B or camp out in the wilderness. Breaking down or losing gas many miles away from civilization is also possible. That’s why you should bring emergency supplies, such as extra water or fuel, flashlights and batteries, jumper cables, and rain gear. Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit as well in case someone gets hurt. Bringing a couple of small power tools would help speed up any repairs you might need along the way.

Offline Map

Unfortunately, there are still many places where you won’t find an Internet connection or cell phone service. If you will be using your smartphones or iPads to access your map, make sure to download an offline app, such as Google Maps’ offline version, instead of using programs that require data. This way, you can pull up and navigate on your map with ease wherever you are.

Car Tune-up

Whether you’ve just had your Kia from Rio Rancho serviced a week ago or it’s not showing any performance issues, your car needs a tune-up before you go on a long journey. You don’t want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere, and there’s no one to help you fix or tow it. Have a professional technician check every inch of your car to ensure it is safe to travel long distances for extended periods.

Restrictions and Regulations

While many cities have already opened their doors for tourists, most implement health protocols and guidelines that you should follow. After making a list of the places, you want to visit, research their regulations and prepare all the items and documents they require. The last thing you want is to be stopped at checkpoints and prohibited from entering because you failed to comply with specific mandates.

Cameras and Batteries

Perhaps the most essential item to bring on your trip, your cameras must be fully charged and correctly configured before hitting the road. You’ll be taking many photos and videos, and some of the most unforgettable moments are random, so your cameras should always be ready to capture them. Make sure to bring extra memory cards, too, so you won’t have to let go of some photos when the memory is full.

These are only some of the things you should include in your road trip checklist. It’s okay to be meticulous and inquisitive when preparing for a week-long getaway so that you can add many other necessities. But only pick the most important ones. You don’t want too much luggage in your car only to make your passengers uncomfortable. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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