Glass Repair Service in McKeesport Can Provide a High Quality Vehicle Glass Installtion

Glass repair is a subject that most consumers know little about. For example, there are three types of glass that can be used in a windshield replacement. Simonetta’s Collision and Car Care Center has been advising customers since 1982 on the best glass for their vehicle.

1. Dealer Auto Glass

This is the windshield or other auto glass that you can buy from an automobile dealership that is authorized by the vehicle manufacturer to provide service for your car. This glass comes from the same OEM distributor that made your auto glass originally. If you have to have the dealer logo on the glass, then go to a dealer authorized to sell the glass.

2. OEM Distributor Auto Glass

OEM distributor glass is made to the same dealer specifications for glass, but this glass may not be made by the same manufacturer. The glass is, however, made to the exact specs of the original windshield. OEM distributor glass is a good choice. A Glass Repair Service in McKeesport is a source for this glass.

3. Aftermarket Auto Glass

The consumer needs to be wary of the Aftermarket glass that is made by companies that have no contract with any car manufacturers. These companies do not have the legal right to make auto glass to the exact same specifications as OEM distributors because to do so would violate licensing and copyright laws. Therefore, you cannot possibly get an OEM equivalent in Aftermarket glass. Safelite is one of the main aftermarket or “original equipment equivalent (OEE)” manufacturers. This glass is a lot less expensive than OEM or dealer glass. Many dealers will reject the aftermarket glass when a leased vehicle is turned in because the glass is unacceptable by their standards.

The installation of glass is essential to providing the safety features that it is intended to do. The Glass Repair Service in McKeesport understands the safety features of the proper installation. The stability of the glass during a crash helps to keep the vehicle from experiencing more damage and it also provides greater safety for the occupants. The proper molding should be used when installing a windshield. The installer should wear gloves or the glue may not hold. The windshield that is being replaced should be completely removed from the installation channels so that nothing interferes with the security of the new installation.

Simonetta’s Collision & Car Care Center provide the highest quality collision service Since 1982. Contact for more information.

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