Getting Ready for Thanksgiving? Start with Your Car!

Before you start planning for the holidays, you have to get through Thanksgiving first. Apparently, the state of traffic during this time of year can be just as unforgiving. Unless your car is ready for the long journey to your hometown to celebrate with your family, it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. Here are a few tips from a Ford dealer near Louisville, KY to help you get your car ready for the whole Thanksgiving bustle.

Oil Change

If you’ve been using your car relentlessly throughout the summer and you’ve already covered more than 3,000 miles, an oil change must be in order and now is the perfect time to do it. Keeping the old oil could spell disaster to your vehicle. Imagine metallic debris being continuously rubbed against the surfaces of your car engine. That’s going to cause severe damage in the long run. Fresh oil can help ensure a smooth Thanksgiving travel.

Brake Check

While you put oil change on hold for a little longer, a brake check is a different story. You should never go on a long trip without making sure your brakes are fully functioning, and brand new if possible. If you are expecting to pass through a long wilderness like Route 6 or Lemhi Pass, the last thing you want is to lose your break and figure in an accident with no one nearby to help you.

Tire Rotation and Changeover

If you feel your car is a little wobbly even on a smooth road, chances are your tires are not wearing out evenly. A lot of things can cause this problem—from the kind of road you usually take to your driving technique. One solution that’s been proven effective is rotation. Changing the position of the tires helps even out the wear and improve your driving. If you find out that the tread is almost depleted, go for a changeover at least a week before Thanksgiving. That will also help get your vehicle ready for the winter.

Full Tune-Up

Maintaining a car takes some level of dedication. If you think you don’t have the time to do it, don’t hesitate to take your vehicle in for a full tune-up. Any reliable Ford dealer near Louisville, KY can suggest a good car service center you can turn to. This is particularly important given that winter is right around the corner and the chance to have your vehicle service is starting to run out.

Getting ready for your Thanksgiving trip may seem a lot of work, but it’s worth it, especially if you are taking your family with you. It pays to have a safe journey to the countryside and back so never cut corners when maintaining your vehicle. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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