Finding an Auto Paint Shop in Denver

Getting into an accident or having your car broken into are stressful situations all on their own. When you add in the fact that you have to deal with the auto insurance company, and how you are going to manage transportation, you are looking at migraine-inducing chaos. A car is a large investment and, for some, the biggest one you have. Save yourself the headache of being overcharged or scammed by doing a bit of research before deciding on an auto paint shop to go with. By doing this research, you will ensure your car repairs are completed correctly and punctually.

Repairs can run you upwards of thousands of dollars so, when looking for auto paint shops in Denver, it’s best to go with one which comes highly recommended. If your car insurance covers most of the repair costs, then it may sound convenient to just go with the authorized repair shop which is closest to you. Unfortunately, this is not always the best option. Instead, it’s best to get the information for several auto paint shops from your insurance company, friends, co-workers, and other people who have opinions you value. Take a bit to do some internet research on these shops, checking out customer reviews and what sort of reputation surrounds them.

When you have narrowed your options down to one or two Denver auto paint shops, head in for an estimate and to learn more about the shop in-person. Look for the business license which should be hanging on the wall; if it’s not there, ask to see it. Inquire about how long the shop has been running, and if that is the only location it has been in. Moving around a lot can be a sign of a shop which is on the mediocre side of the spectrum, and would be one that you don’t want to fuss with. While the owner or manager does not have to necessarily have background in repair to operate a successful auto paint shop, the technicians should have it and the manager should have extensive knowledge of how it all works. Additionally, look around to see if safety is being upheld and in what condition the other cars in the shop are in. The makes and models of those cars also give you a good idea of the clientele who utilizes that shop.

One of the highest-rated auto paint shops in Denver is BJ’s Auto Theft Repair, and would be a good place to check out first. From steering column repair, to collision repair, to hail damage repair, BJ’s Auto Theft Repair is one shop that has a wide array of services and experience. With over fifty years of combined experience in auto body repair, commercial collision repair, and vehicle theft repair, BJ’s Auto Theft Repair is a premium auto paint shop in the Denver area.

They work closely alongside your insurance company to best ensure there are no financial hiccups with your repairs. Their main goal is to maintain communication with both you and your insurance company, to best avoid any expensive delays or issues. Your vehicle will be returned to you in factory condition, and you won’t even be able to tell there was ever a problem!

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