Find Good Cars at Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Benton, AR

Many people in the current economy are finding themselves in a tight financial situation. This could be due to a divorce, job loss, or unexpected expenses like medical bills. It can be hard to find someone willing to finance you in that situation. Especially if you have bad credit due to what others may think as an unacceptable excuse like slow pays or filing for bankruptcy, you may think you are completely out of luck in being able to finance something you really need, like a decent car to get you to work. While you may not find financing at all traditional car dealerships, don’t give up yet. There are some dealers who work with clients as Bad Credit car dealerships Benton AR who can help you find a reliable car.

These are not run-down and old cars, either. For example, one recent car put up for sale at one of the Bad Credit car dealerships Benton AR is a 2009 Honda Civic. Hondas have a reputation for being reliable cars that have great fuel economy, and they can stay on the road longer than many other car makes out there. This 2009 has 88,590 miles and still has thousands of miles left on it. This particular car has a 1.8L gasoline engine, and a manual transmission. It has a black exterior, a sunroof, aluminum wheels, and a roof spoiler. Inside, it has a Bluetooth phone connection, a radio and CD player, MP3 connection, a navigation system, satellite radio, bucket cloth seats, power windows, air conditioning, cruise control, power locks, and adjustable steering. For safety, it has driver and passenger air bags, front side air bags, front and rear head air bags, a security system, an engine immobilizer, and ABS. Get in touch with Diamond Certified Car World.

Another example is a 2009 Toyota Camry. Toyotas also have a solid reputation for longevity and a solid build. This one has 98,548 miles and a 2.4L engine with a manual transmission. It’s in silver and it also has a sunroof. Inside, it has a radio, CD player, and MP player, engine immobilizer, power windows, air conditioning, cruise control, air bags, ABS, power door locks, and a full air bag system. Visit website for more details.


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