Convenience and a Lifetime Warranty on Auto Window Repair near Chicago

Franks Auto Glass in Chicago takes care of commercial, residential, and auto window repair near Chicago. They don’t just repair windows. If you have a glass tabletop or a mirror that needs repair, they can take care of that, too.

A broken windshield can obstruct your vision, particularly if it’s shattered glass over a wider area and not just a crack. Even if it’s only a small crack, that crack is at least a distraction for a driver. Not only that, but any crack in a windshield can develop into a much larger crack. When the windshield is broken like that, its strength is already compromised. That windshield provides you with protection on the road from flying debris, but if it’s already cracked, then the next time a rock or anything else strikes the windshield, the windshield has a greater chance of breaking and failing to protect you. The windshield glass also won’t be able to protect you as well if you’re involved in an accident, because the windshield helps support the roof of the car if you’re in a rollover, and you need an intact windshield to ensure that side airbags will deploy correctly.

Another thing worth mentioning is that a cracked windshield, or a windshield that is loose around the edges, can allow moisture to get into the car. That can lead to a mildew problem, which can lead to a mold problem. The resulting odor can affect your car’s resale or trade-in value, in addition to being unpleasant to drive. Frank’s Auto Glass has a lifetime warranty on auto glass.

When Frank’s Auto Glass does auto window repair near Chicago, they can come to you. You don’t have to leave your driveway or leave work. They can do the work right outside as long as it isn’t raining at the time and as long as there aren’t extreme temperature conditions, which can prevent the adhesive from bonding. If the weather will affect the installation, you can bring your car to their indoor shop. Either way, repair only takes about an hour, and you can drive an hour after the work is done. We want you to be able to get it repaired as quickly as possible. It is our goal to get you back on the road so you can drive with confidence and know you can see clearly in all directions. For more information, visit their website or contact them today.


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