Common Problems With An Automatic Transmission

Most vehicles today feature an automatic transmission, especially those on luxury vehicles or passenger types of cars and trucks. While this is generally true, there are some new models of sports cars and small sized cars that feature manual transmissions, but this is the exception and not the rule.

One of the reasons that an automatic transmission is preferred by many drivers, especially for city driving, is that the transmission does all the shifting for you and you can just focus on driving. While this makes driving easier, it doesn’t mean that your transmission won’t need regular care and maintenance to stay in top working condition.

By knowing what to look for as the earliest signs of possible problems with your automatic transmission you can often avoid costly repairs. In addition a routine inspection of your vehicle with a mechanic you trust can also help to identify some of these common problems.

Leaking Fluid
One of the easiest to spot signs of an impending automatic transmission problem is fluid leaking from the system. You will be able to easily identify the liquid because it is typically red, either bright red or dark brown. Bright red is the normal color and anything darker indicates that the fluid is burnt and there may be a more serious problem than just a leaking hose.

You will also be able to check the level using the transmission fluid dipstick. Look in your vehicle’s owner manual to determine the specific location and how to test.

Strange Sounds
Problems with your automatic transmission can also start with unusual sounds when the vehicle is shifting gears. This may be a buzzing or a whining noise that may seem to come and go. You may also notice that there is a definite hesitation when you put the vehicle in drive or reverse from neutral or park, often accompanied by that strange sound.

Ideally, as soon as you think you have a problem with the automatic transmission or the car seems to be shifting, revving or failing to go into gear get in to see a transmission specialist. The earlier you get your transmission looked at by a professional the less likely you are to be stranded without the ability to get your vehicle to move at all.

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