A Close Inspection Will Help You Avoid Problems With A Used Car

Locating a good looking, trouble free used Chevy in Chicago is not the luck of the draw, it takes time and skill and involves research and investigation. Knowing in advance how to spot problems and assessing the vehicles reliability will save you lots of money and headaches in the future. There are a few things that, if considered, can help you avoid someone else’s problems.

You must do your homework:

Buying any used car is a risk, to reduce the possibility of buying a car that will be nothing but problems identify models that are known for their reliability long before you go out looking. There is a host of internet sites that publish reviews on used cars that can help you narrow the search. If you have a preconceived idea of what car you want, if there are any proven trouble areas you can use this information, this knowledge will allow you to pay particular attention during your inspection.

The window sticker:

The FTC mandates that a buyer’s guide be included in every used Chevy in Chicago, the guide is often attached to one of the windows of the car. This guide must provide specific information which includes how it is being sold; as is or complete with warranty, it also must indicate the percentage of the cost of repair the dealer must pay in the event there is a need for repair. The guide overrides any provisions in the sales contract which are contrary; if the guide says the car is being sold with a warranty then the dealer is obliged to honor it regardless of what the sales contract states.


Even if you buy your used in Chevy in Chicago from a dealer known to be reputable, always look the car over very thoroughly. Insist on taking the car to an independent mechanic and have it subjected to a thorough inspection, if the dealer balks this might be a red flag. Even while the car is sitting on the lot you can learn a quite a bit just by using your senses; what does the car look like, sound like and smell like.

It’s best if you can do your inspection in the daylight and choose a day when it is not raining. The floodlights that are used to illuminate the lot can make the car appear to be something it isn’t; the car will shine and often defects in the body are difficult to see.

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