Why You Should Go Back To VW Dealerships In Mokena

Volkswagen has recently been blackballed by many people because it’s been in the news for bad reasons. However, the love of the VW in Mokena far outweighs any problems associated with the brand, and you may still want to buy one because they’re pleasing, fun and exciting to drive. Dealerships can help you find one in almost any price range or style, making it necessary to keep the Volkswagen in your mind when choosing your next vehicle.

Golf SportWagen LE

For those who want something sporty and different, the Golf SportWagen beckons. You’ve got practicality and capability to go almost anywhere, as well as excellent prices. While it doesn’t boast of a lot of technologically-advanced options, it’s still refreshing and luxurious to drive. You’ll find push-button starting, leatherette seats, panoramic sunroofs, and heated front seats, among other things.

Golf Alltrack

If you’re hoping for a more rugged VW in Mokena, dealerships can help you with the Golf Alltrack. It’s similar in nature to the Subaru Forester and Outback and includes all-wheel drive, which is a favorite of many consumers. Likewise, you’ll find an automatic transmission, rearview cameras, folding leatherette seats and a variety of optional safety equipment.

Convertible Beetle

Ah, the classic VW Beetle isn’t likely to ever lose its fandom. However, you can cruise in more style than ever in a convertible version. You’ll still find that it includes an automatic transmission and sporty-action that will leave you truly in love with your new car.


If you’re interested in a Volkswagen but want the luxury of a sedan, the Passat has it. It offers sleek lines, low-key appearances and so many options and features.

VW dealerships in Mokena can help you find the perfect vehicle, whether it be the SportWagen or something else. Visit Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet now to learn more and also like us on Facebook.

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