Signs It Is Time To Replace A Car’s Brakes

Stopping a vehicle is something most car owners do without much thought. If the braking components on a vehicle are not working properly, it can lead to a variety of issues. When a car owner starts to notice these components are showing signs of wear, they will need to reach out to a trusted mechanic.

If the braking components on a vehicle are left in a state of disrepair for too long, it can put the passengers of a car in a lot of danger. Here are some of the signs a car owner may start to notice when it is time to replace the brakes near Orland Park on a vehicle.

Lots of Noise When Bringing the Vehicle to a Stop

Usually, bringing a car to a stop will be a relatively quiet experience. If a car owner starts to notice that there is a lot of noise each time they press the brake pedal, it is probably time for new brake pads. Most of the brakes pads on the market have wear sensors.

When the metal on the brake pads gets low enough, this wear sensor will begin to rub against the rotors. This will create a lot of screeching noises, which means it is time to get new pads installed in a hurry.

The Vehicle Shakes When Coming to a Stop

Another sign a car owner may notice when it is time to get new braking components is shaking when they try to stop. This problem will generally be caused by worn or warped rotors. In some instances, the warping a rotor has can be fixed with a few turns on a brake lathe.

Taking the vehicle into a certified mechanic is a great way to ensure the repairs needed are addressed. The mechanic will be able to diagnose the issues being experienced and get the right replacement parts to fix them.

Having problems with a car’s brakes near Orland Park fixed quickly is important. Be sure to visit VIP Tire Corporation when in need of comprehensive brake repairs. Their team can diagnose and repair, brake issues the right way the first time around.

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