Common Muffler Repair Services in Redding, CA

Muffler and exhaust problems are quite common in older vehicles, and you will need to take your car to a local workshop from time to time. The muffler on your car is designed to minimize the sounds coming from the engine, and to ensure that the exhaust gases are released from the car properly. However, problems are quite common if you do not maintain your car regularly. There are many workshops that offer muffler repair services throughout the city. Here are some common muffler repair services that you might require from time to time.

Exhaust Issues

One common issue that you might experience over time is a noticeable drop in your car’s MPG. This might be caused due to other problems, such as improperly inflated tires or a choking fuel line. However, if there are issues with the muffler, you should consider taking your car to a local company such as They will check your muffler carefully and determine the problem with your exhaust. If you notice a loud, rattling noise coming from the exhaust, you should take it to a mechanic right away.

Bad Smell

If you notice a bad smell coming from the exhaust, it might be because the muffler isn’t clearing the exhaust gases properly. The foul odor is usually caused due to carbon monoxide, and if it leaks into the cabin, it can prove to be fatal as well. You should take your car to a local workshop that offers muffler repair services in Redding, CA to get it checked. There are a number of problems that might be causing a malfunction in the muffler. It’s best to get it checked, because these are major red flags that should be attended to right away.

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