Car Dealer in Albuquerque, NM, Lists Resolutions Drivers Must Follow

It is a tradition for most people to set their resolutions every year. However, not many car owners include their vehicles in what they’d like to improve. Every car enthusiast, especially first-time drivers, should set a list of resolutions to make them better drivers and car owners. A trusted car dealer in Albuquerque, NM, recommends a list of New Year’s resolutions that car owners should follow.

Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule.

Any dealership in Albuquerque, NM, will tell you that regular maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle in good running condition. Unfortunately, some car owners ignore car maintenance until they find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight. Schedule all your car maintenance appointments and stick to them. It is also essential to set aside a budget for this, so you have no reason to skip your car’s periodic maintenance. You can always consult your owner’s manual if you don’t know where to start. It can also help you create a definitive preventive maintenance checklist and save a few bucks.

Learn Basic Auto Care.

If you plan to save on mechanic fees, it might do you a lot of good to learn how to do some of the most basic car repairs and maintenance yourself. Most of these tasks are simple enough that you won’t need to call a skilled mechanic to get your car working. For example, many DIY videos can teach you to change oil and filters. It is also helpful if you know how to change your tires, fill your tank with gas from a can, and jump-start your car. Not only will you save some money on repair and maintenance, but these skills will also get you out of sticky situations.

Be a Defensive Driver.

While you cannot control what other drivers do on the road, you have complete control of your actions. You need always to be alert and on the lookout for possible threats while driving–this means no distractions! If you need to look at your phone to check messages or emails, eat or take a sip of your water, or reach for an item, then pull over to the side and do what you need to do. You are not saving any time by driving distracted and doing these things. In fact, you are not only wasting time, but you are also endangering lives. Stay vigilant and focus solely on driving.

Keep Your Car Clean and Well-Stocked With an Emergency Kit.

Don’t wait until your car is covered in dirt and grime before you start contemplating a wash. Dried mud, dirt, snow, and other debris can damage your paint job and make your car look old. It is also better to follow a “clean as you go” policy to ensure that no trash will accumulate and you maintain the new car scent as long as possible. Don’t forget to allot some space for your car emergency kit as you clean. The contents of an emergency kit vary depending on the season, so it is essential to update them before the season changes.

Want to be a better car owner and driver? Check out Fiesta Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque, NM, for more useful New Year’s resolutions that you should keep.

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