A Guide to Shopping for Motorcycle Batteries

Ask anyone who owns a motorcycle, and they will tell you that the engine is really the heart of the bike. Yet, in reality, it has to be the batteries used to power those engines that are actually the heart that keeps the machine going. Unfortunately, buying batteries for motorcycles is not as simple as most believe. We are going to spend a few minutes looking at the best factors to consider as you set out to shop for a new battery for a bike.

First, however, it is important to consider what the batteries on bikes do. For instance, they:

  • Give power to start the engine

  • Keep the engine going

  • Work in any climate

  • Must be designed to be easy to service or replace

  • Have to be affordable

  • Must match the riding style of the owner

  • Should give the right number of amps

  • Must have a warranty

  • Must fit into the bike’s bracket or battery compartment

  • Have to be chosen to work with the vent hose (if unsealed)

Interestingly enough, batteries for motorcycles also come in an array of shapes, sizes, amperages and even designs. They can be rechargeable, sealed and unsealed. The sealed types are the ones with the lowest maintenance requirements (in fact, they are zero maintenance). The rechargeable options are often seen as more affordable over the long term because they are not replaced as frequently. Unsealed options have to be chosen very carefully as they must be able to vent properly and without any leakage on the bike’s components or a rider’s leg.

How can you even begin to know which of the motorcycle battery options to choose? Actually, just start by determining the standard issue battery for your bike’s make, model and year.

While you might be shocked to see the higher pricing on a rechargeable model, keep in mind that this saves money over the long term since you buy it once and don’t replace it often. Not all bikes can use them, so always check to see what standard issue is installed, and never try to replace sealed with unsealed.

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