Understand Different Torque Converter Issues

If you have an automatic transmission, and you find you are having transmission issues, then some of your issues might be coming from your torque converter. How do you know? Below you can find some common torque converter issues. You can also contact a reputable online parts dealer and learn more from them, as well.

Over Heating

One of the main functions of the torque converter is keeping your transmission cool. It controls the passage of your transmission fluid. Therefore, if your torque converter is messing up then you might start to smell or realize that your transmission is overheating. This may be noticeable by foul sickly sweet smells, dark spots under the car, or even malfunctions with your transmission.

Stalling or Bucking

Those are both serious problems because they not only damage your car bad, but it puts you in danger as well. If you are driving down the road and your transmission stalls, then you will be stuck in traffic and in harm’s way. This is typically an issue with the torque converter clutch, and an internal clutch issue. So unless you are an experienced mechanic, then you need to speak with experts that can point out the right parts to purchase online.

Transmission Slipping

If your torque converter is experiencing a problem, it won’t take long for it to show up. Since the torque converter controls most of the fluid in your transmission, it is obvious that slipping can be a converter issue. Slipping can either be caused by too much or too little fluid passing through the converter. You can tell if your transmission is slipping by a loud revving sound while your car is in gear yet your wheels are not moving.

Shavings in Fluid

As you may know, you need to check your transmission fluid often. When doing so you don’t only check the levels, but the colors, smell, and for shavings, as well. If you have any type of debris inside your fluid, it means that you have damage to the transmission, the torque converter, or the clutch all of which need to be looked at by a professional. If you think your transmission is having any type of issues, take it to be seen immediately. If you want to do everything you can to prevent issues then make sure you check your fluid regularly. However, to boost its performance as well as protect it from damage you can get performance parts to enhance your transmission’s use.

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