Transmission Awareness and Repair

It’s a bit amazing how little some people know about their cars. It’s especially common in people who’ve only driven automatics who don’t know what their transmission does. There are people out there on the roads around Edmonds right now who believe their car has three gears: Park, Reverse, and Drive. The sad fact is they might not know how to spot when they need transmission repair, and problems with the transmission can cause major performance drop offs with the car and lead to a break down. From the perspective of others there’s no more annoying feeling than going up an entrance ramp with someone who can’t seem to get out of 3rd so you’re merging onto the highway at 36 miles per hour.

A lot of spotting when you need transmission repair comes down to knowing your car, how it drives and a bit about the model. Some models have transmissions that are predisposed to failure and damage; others will drive like they’re in need of transmission repair despite actually being in perfect condition. Some mid-late 90s Ford sedans are like that, they would catch between certain gears. No amount of transmission repair can fix a poorly designed machine. However, for most cars the fact that you’re getting stuck between gears means that you’re in need of transmission repair. You also might hear the engine race sometimes when it should be shifting that means you get caught in neutral and since there’s no load on the engine it doesn’t take much gasoline to make it rev up to the red line.

The other thing you should do is pay attention fluids and sounds. As mentioned listen for the engine revving up between gears, but also pay attention for unusual sounds during other periods of performance. Even if it’s not your transmission that’s at fault needing auto repair can sneak up on the unwary. Check under your car after it’s been parked for fluid leaks and check the level of your transmission fluid if you start having problems with it. Sometimes you don’t need transmission repair, but only a funnel and a bottle of transmission fluid. It’s important to check the car after it’s been stopped, you’re not going to find a slow drip leak by checking the roads of Edmonds behind you as you drive. If the leak is bad enough for you to spot it in the rearview mirror your transmission is going to fail before you can get it in for transmission repair. Other than that just make sure you get regularly scheduled maintenance, and if you have a problem just bring it into an auto shop for transmission repair.

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