The Purpose of a Shift Kit

Most car buyers assume that the parts that come on the car are the parts that work best in the car. The standard parts of the vehicle as it leaves the factory, while perfectly functional, are not necessarily the way to get the smoothest ride. Upgrades, such as transmission shift kits, can improve various aspects of the car’s operation. Specifically, shift kits improve the precision of the shift, the durability of the transmission and the fuel efficiency of the car.

Anatomy of a Factory Transmission

In a typical transmission, shifts between gear overlap. That means that every time your car switches gears, there is a moment or two when it’s actually in two gears. This accounts for the smoothness of an automatic transmissions shift. The price you pay for this smooth switch from gear to gear, however, is increased friction, which tends to wear transmission parts down more quickly. With added friction, you get extraneous heat, which can weaken the clutch.

Benefits of an Upgrade

Transmission shift kits upgrade your system by making each gear shift more precise. They reduce overlap time between gears. In doing so, the energy that the overlap from the factory transmission wastes by turning it into excess friction and heat gets channeled into making your car run more efficiently. All the energy goes into propelling the car forward rather than compensating for the smooth shifting. With less wear and tear and more forward motion, your transmission lasts longer, and you get better gas mileage.

Making the Switch

A shift kit can be added to your vehicle without removing the transmission, so installation is pretty easy. Your technician can help you choose the right kit for your car from a variety of transmission shift kits. Even though installation is relatively straightforward, it is a good idea to have it done by a professional. It is easy to misplace a spring or valve, and it only takes one mistake to cause extensive damage to your transmission. This is a job best left to expert technicians.

While the manufacturer’s transmission works perfectly fine as it is, a shift kit can improve your car’s performance. Once installed properly, the shift kit improves the efficiency of your gear changes. The quicker shifts allow your car to avoid the friction caused by the overlapping gears, decreasing the wear on your transmission. If you are interested in better fuel economy, especially in the city where you have to shift more often, consider having your mechanic install a shift kit. For more details, visit

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