Slow and Steady Is Key To Driving On Snowy or Icy Roads

Winter driving can be difficult when frequent snow and ice cover the roads. Accidents are bound to happen when drivers are challenged by the road conditions as well as other inattentive drivers. However, there are some tips a driver can follow to avoid needing services for Collision Repair in Warrensburg.

Slow and steady is the trick

The best way to avoid problems when driving on snow and ice is to stay off the roads if at all possible. There are times, though, when it’s necessary to drive even when road conditions are poor. In these cases, a slow and steady driving approach is the best. It simply takes longer for tires to grip and turn on surfaces that are covered with snow or ice. Accelerate and decelerate as gradually and evenly as possible to give the tires a better opportunity to grasp the road surface. Plan ahead for stop lights and stop signs as well as turns. When driving uphill, don’t give the engine more gas as is typical, but instead just very steadily move forward. All of these tips can help prevent a skid.

How to deal with a skid

It’s probably inevitable that drivers will have to deal with skidding or slipping wheels while driving on icy or snow-covered roads. If the car’s front tires start skidding, a driver needs to slow down as smoothly as possible and avoid fighting the steering wheel to turn the car back in the right direction. Instead, let the car come to a stop and then slowly make the needed correction. Although rear-wheel skids can be more difficult to handle, they also require deceleration. Slow and steady actions are the key to stopping the skid and guiding the car back in the right direction.

Collision repair may be needed

Unfortunately, no matter how carefully they’re driving, drivers may not be able to avoid a collision with another vehicle, a mailbox or stop sign, or another immovable object. When this happens, Collision Repair in Warrensburg will get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. In addition to body and parts repair, Warrensburg Collision offers free estimates, insurance claims assistance and courtesy pick-up and delivery. Get more information here on collision repair resulting from an accident on snowy or icy roads.

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