Important Signs It Is Time to Check Your Brakes

When it comes to auto repair, you can help the process by contacting a professional as soon as you know something is wrong. When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, it’s important to get the car looked at immediately. There are a few signs you should be on the lookout for so you can contact a professional for auto repair in Orland Park.

Check for Worn Pads

Most cars will have disc brakes. They function in the same type of way that brakes do. A hydraulic system that is filled up with brake fluid then triggers the padded clamps, which are called “calipers,” and then they tend to squeeze the disc, commonly known as the rotor. The car stops because of the friction of the rotor and pads. Over time, the thickness of the brake pads that are squeezing down on the calipers diminishes and it’s something that you should check for. You just need to look between the spokes of the wheel to see the shiny metal rotor that will be inside. Then, check inside the rotor and you should see a metal caliper. Between the rotor and caliper will be the pad. The pads should be ¼ inch thick, at least. If your pads are thinner than that, you should get them changed.

Hearing Strange Sounds

Blaring music in the car isn’t always a good thing. The reason behind this is because your brakes give out a warning when something isn’t right. Usually your pads will make a squealing sound when they need replaced. You should also be listening for any grinding sounds, as that could mean you have gone straight through the brake pads. It’s best to contact a professional for auto repair in Orland Park if this happens.


Have you ever been driving down the road, but your car seemed to want to pull and go in its own direction? This could mean that there is an issue with your brake system. The problem could be a struck caliper. If this is the case, it would happen due to the friction from one wheel but not the others. Your car will usually pull to one side if it has a stuck caliper.


If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal, it could mean that you have warped rotors. The uneven surface from it will thrum against your brake pads and you will then feel the vibrations in your brake pedal. If you feel this when you are driving, it is critical to get it fixed quickly.

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