Four Telltale Signs That Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

You just got out of the grocery store and are in a hurry to get home so you can unload the food and begin preparing dinner. You turn the key to your car and hear the deafening sound of a motor that won’t turnover. This situation happens to hundreds of people every single day. There is little else as frustrating as realizing your vehicle won’t turn on and you aren’t quite sure why. More often than many people realize, auto batteries are usually to blame. If you suspect your battery is dying or needs to be replaced, here are four telltale signs to help you confirm that diagnosis.

  1. Jump, Jump, Jump

Have you found yourself needing the assistance of your fellow drivers lately? Do you find that in random locations you are asking total strangers for a jump? After your car begins working again, do you find yourself baffled as to why the battery was dead? No lights were left on, the car wasn’t running, and there isn’t any obvious reason as to why it would be dead. This is a major sign that your battery is nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

  1. Engine Won’t Start

When you turn the key to your engine and it makes a sputtering, coughing sound, but fails to turn over completely, the first suspect you should consider is your battery. Auto batteries are designed to give power to the engine and when they fail, it can make it impossible to get your car to start.

  1. Function Fluctuations

Auto batteries can be tricky and if yours is needing to be replaced, you could find that one day your car starts perfectly and doesn’t give you any problems. However, the next day, you could find yourself trying to start it without any luck only to resort to a jump. This could be a major sign that the battery terminals are broken, loose, calcified, or corroded.

  1. Your Car is Lifeless

There are also times when your battery is dying, that you may try to start your car and hear nothing. No lights will turn on, no sounds will go off, and the engine won’t even sputter. When you have a lifeless car on your hands, it could very well mean you simply need a battery replacement.

While auto batteries are designed to last for many years and through many miles, they do need to be replaced every so often. By looking for the telltale signs above, you can have a confident indication of when it is time to get yours replaced. For more information related, car battery visit at website domain. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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