Custom Ordering an Automobile Turntable for Your Car Dealership

The ability to close a sale on a new car depends significantly on the customer’s ability to see it up close. You need customers to come into your dealership and view the cars for sale closely so that you can entice them to buy your inventory.

Rather than keep the prime cars in your inventory out on the lot, you can showcase them in a unique and meaningful manner inside of the dealership’s building itself. These reasons are some to custom order an automobile turntable for your dealership today.

Visible Display Capabilities

One of the main reasons to order a turntable for your dealership’s floor involves obtaining the ability to display cars for sale in a clear and meaningful manner. It is true that you can walk customers up to the cars for sale on the lot and talk about the vehicles’ many features. However, the cars may look a lot less impressive than if they were mounted and rotating on a turntable.

You can order these turntables to rotate slowly so that every feature of the vehicle on it is visible for customers to see. You can also have yours made with light and other visual effects to make the car for sale look more appealing.

You can find out more about custom ordering an automobile turntable for your dealership online. To get more details or to place an order, contact Carousel USA at (866) 796-5975.


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