Auto Mechanics in Hilo Provide Routine and Emergency Repairs

Vehicles are complex machines with each part and system interconnected to function smoothly. Most of the time, they do their job as they should and take their owners where they need to go without any problems; however, when something malfunctions, the issue needs to be addressed to keep the vehicle running well and to prevent more extensive damage. Some problems are obvious while others are a bit more elusive.


When your car begins to overheat, your first thought is probably low coolant. You can easily add more and wait to see if it overheats again. If so, you probably have a leak stemming from a damaged hose, a broken radiator or a cracked reservoir. These issues make themselves known by presenting a puddle under your vehicle. What if your coolant continues to disappear but you find no drips or puddles? Your problem may be a bad head gasket. In this case, your coolant would be escaping into your engine and mixing with the oil. auto mechanics in Hilo can diagnose this problem and replace the head gasket to prevent extensive and costly engine damage.

Failure to start

If you attempt to start your vehicle and it refuses to comply, a number of issues could be at fault. The easiest place to start is to turn on your ignition and check to see if your radio and power seats are working. If not, the issue may lie with your battery or its connections. Automotive batteries are known for their long lives, though. If your battery is dead, something may have drained it. Have someone jump start your car, then disconnect the battery cables. If it continues to run, you may have simply forgotten to turn off your headlights or interior lights. If your vehicle dies after disconnecting the battery, you probably need to have your auto mechanics Hilo replace your alternator.

Having your vehicle checked and serviced regularly can help detect potential problems before they leave you stranded. Making minor repairs when they are caught early prevents further damage, but not every issue is going to warn you months in advance before shutting down your car. A trained, experienced mechanic can provide early diagnosis of malfunctions as well as offer emergency repairs when your vehicle decides to surprise you.

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