Why It’s Important to Get Rid of the Junk Car Sitting On Your Property

If you have one or more junk cars sitting around your property, you may think they’re not causing any problems other than taking up space. However, those old cars can actually be safety hazards, meaning it’s important that you find a way to dispose of them as quickly as possible. Here are a few reasons why this is more urgent than you think.

Environmental Hazard

If there’s one thing that’s true of junk cars in Chicago, it’s that they’ll rust over time. As the rust begins to eat holes through various components, fluids can begin leaking from the vehicle. Whether it’s antifreeze or motor oil, these are not substances you want seeping into the soil. What’s more, if a child or pet finds these substances before they have a chance to evaporate, they could experience serious health consequences from tasting these leaking liquids.

Animal Hazard

Junk cars in Chicago make great, quiet places for wild animals to inhabit. Snakes, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and a host of other pesky critters will wiggle in through small openings and make themselves at home. If you go to get in an infested car, you will have to face these wild animals and deal with the damage they have caused to your car and that they could cause to you. Before any animals have a chance to set up shop, it’s a good idea to have your junk car hauled away.

Human Hazard

If you leave a car unattended for long enough, it’s likely that vandals will eventually strike it, breaking the windows and destroying the interior. While this is inconvenient enough, if that vehicle remains on your property, there is the potential for serious injury should you or a friend or family member find yourself too close to the car. Cuts, burns, bruises, and other injuries could all result, potentially making you liable for the injured party’s medical care.

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