Why Import Specialists Are a First Choice for Auto Service in White Bear Lake, MN

Bear Lake, MN residents can get car service from several local businesses, yet many choose their local import car specialists. That is because experts like American Imports provide manufacturer-recommended maintenance, tuning, parts and specialty tires for any vehicle. They also specialize in fine auto car, provide Bosch warranty work and are diesel and hybrid experts.

Certified Mechanics Understands Imports

At one time, auto service in White Bear Lake MN consisted primarily of local mechanics working on U.S.-made vehicles. However, today more than 250 million Americans drive imported cars or trucks, so it is much more common for visitors and locals to Contact American Imports for auto care. Customers rely on the specially-trained mechanics and their unique equipment to provide manufacturer-recommended service for Suburu’s, Acuras, Toyotas, Hyundai’s and Mercedes. The shops also offer expert maintenance, tuneups and repairs for VW’s Smart Cars, Volvos, Infiniti’s and more. ASE certified experts repair and replace suspension and exhaust systems, lighting, wheels, and even body trim.

Bosch Warranty Work Is Often Free

Customers who prefer Bosch certified shops often choose import specialists for Auto Service in White Bear Lake MN. In order to be certified as Bosch service centers, businesses have to meet the highest standards for technical skills, customer care, facility design and more. They are qualified to repair or replace the exceptional Bosch parts that are standard on many high-end vehicles. In addition, customers often pay nothing for work when parts are covered under the Bosch warranty.

Import Specialists Know Diesels and Hybrids

Foreign car shops also include experts who understand the unique needs of diesel engines and hybrid vehicles. They work with clients to keep their reliable diesel trucks and cars running well for many years. Mechanics use factory computers to diagnose, maintain and repair them. Hybrid technicians offer specialty tune-ups, air-conditioning services, maintenance and engine work. They are well-trained to understand the unique differences between hybrids and conventional autos and can help customers prevent problems.

Today even small American towns often feature at least one fine import auto shop. That is because the businesses offer expert service for the increasingly common imports, diesel engines and hybrid autos. Their mechanics are well-qualified and certified to provide exceptional warranty work, maintenance, tune-ups and repairs for dozens of different makes and models.

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