What You Should Always Expect from a Dodge Dealer

A dealership is about more than the vehicles it has on its lot. You should never wonder about the nature of the interaction that will occur between you and the manufacturer’s representatives. What you should expect from any dealership, including a Dodge dealer goes beyond the products and the brand. It must embrace a certain philosophy.


The agents of a dealership must respect their clients. They are potential customers. As such, they need to be listened to and their wishes heard. If you do not feel this is so, reconsider buying your vehicle from this dealer.


Whether the individual works in the office or is a sales representative, s/he needs to have finely honed communication skills. It is important to listen to potential customers and pay close attention to what they are saying. Unfortunately, some agents listen but do not hear or comprehend what you are saying.

If, when you ask questions, the agents talk at you and/or do not respond clearly and in a manner that is explanative but not demeaning, reconsider. It is up to you to decide whether to ask for another agent, try to rephrase or go to another Dodge dealer.

Your Local Dodge Dealership

When you talk to the agents and office personnel at a Dodge dealer in Dunkirk NY, you know what to expect. From the quality of the vehicles to the reception in the office to the character of the sales agents, the agents are ready to help. Good Dodge dealerships always are.

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