What You Need To Know About Discount Car Rental Waikiki Services

Renting your own vehicle while in Waikiki is an affordable and convenient way of traveling around the island. When renting your own vehicle, you don’t have to spend your time calling and waiting for a taxi. You can travel and sightsee as much as you want to without spending a lot of money for a cab. Below you’ll learn more about discount car rental services in Waikiki.

Q.) After my arrival at the airport, will I have to get a taxi to get to the car rental place?
A.) When you reserve a vehicle, the car rental service will pick you up for free at the airport or at your hotel. You won’t have to spend another dime on transportation costs.

Q.) Am I limited to the number of days that I can rent a vehicle?
A.) You can rent a vehicle for as long as you need to. Whether it’s for one day or one month, the car rental service is there when you need it. This service offers discounts on weekly and monthly
rates, so the longer you need a vehicle, the more you’ll save.

Q.) Are there any restrictions and do I have to give out my credit card number to rent a vehicle?
A.) The only requirement is that the driver of the vehicle must be 18 years of age or older. A credit card is not required and you can easily pay cash for your deposit of a rental vehicle.

Q.) Is there a limit of how many miles I can drive when I rent a vehicle?
A.) When you rent a vehicle, you can put as many miles on the vehicle as you need to and there is no extra cost for additional miles driven.

Q.) What types of rental vehicles are available?
A.) There’s a variety of Discount Car Rental Waikiki vehicles available including compact, mid-size, full size, mini vans, convertibles and Jeeps. With so many different vehicles available, you can rent one that will meet your requirements.

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