What the Right Car Repair Shops in Lansing, MI Provide

Even the highest-quality vehicle will need some type of upkeep and repair. This is why it is so important to compare the range of services offered by different Car Repair Shops Lansing MI. Doing so makes it possible to find the shop that will do the best job of keeping the vehicle in prime condition. Here are some examples of the types of support the ideal shop will offer.

Comprehensive Engine and Transmission Repair

Along with general maintenance, the most likely need for repairs will focus on the engine and the transmission. When looking at different Car Repair Shops Lansing MI, find out what sort of training and certification the repair team has in relation to the make and model of the vehicle. Choosing to take the car or truck to a shop with certified personnel will go a long way in knowing what must be done if the engine develops a knock or the transmission seems to hesitate before slipping into reverse.

Auto Warranties

If the auto warranty is still in effect, it pays to find out which of the local shops are approved by the warranty provider. Finding out which shops are on the approved list will not be difficult. In many instances, the provider has a listing of all shops that currently participate in the program. This is important since taking the car to an authorized repair shop will ensure the terms of the warranty remain in full effect.


Never underestimate the importance of finding out what others think about the various Car Repair Shops Lansing MI. While they may seem to be a good choice, take the time to gather feedback from past customers. This can be done by asking friends and others in the area and by reading comments left on consumer websites. In some instances, it may come to light that the shop tends to not do a good job of keeping the client informed of the status of the vehicle or takes significantly longer to make a repair than originally promised. Those are both signs that it would be best to look at a different shop.

For anyone in search of a new repair shop, talk with the team at Berger Chevrolet today. After hearing about the types of repair and support available, there will be no need to look any further.

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