What Goes Into a High-Performance Transmission?

It is not possible to go from nothing to everything overnight. If the subject is an Olympic track star, it takes years of dedication and constant training. If the subject is a high-performance vehicle, it takes constant attention to improving components. When an athlete trains, he or she trains holistically. In the case of high performance vehicles, there is a tendency to give too much focus to the engine, thinking that an engine that cranks out maximum power goes fast. Yes, it will, but if you attempt to focus all that power through anything other than a transmission, the whole exercise is in vain. Professionals, be it the owner or crew, know that high performance transmission parts are an absolute must.

A Performance Transmission Must be Strong and Reliable

The components that are used in a factory built transmission are ideal for the purpose of strength and reliability. If maintained in accordance with factory recommendations, the part can last for many thousands of miles. However, a factory transmission is designed to work with a factory built engine; the engine horsepower and transmission tolerance are finely matched. If you decide to upgrade the engine with performance parts, you must rebuild the transmission using performance parts as well.

What is so Different About Performance Transmission Parts?

All transmissions initially come from the factory. A standard transmission is only taken apart in the event of failure; a performance transmission is one that is modified from the outset. Components such as clutch packs are taken out and replaced with packs made from high quality material; material that can take the pounding. The pump and pump body are changed out and the entire assembly is subjected to severe tests to ensure that when it is called upon to perform, it can take all the power you give it.

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