What are the Best Yard Trailers for Boats?

For the average individual, the vehicle they purchase is the second biggest investment he or she will make a house, and boats are lumped into the “vehicle” category. Just as a lot of research, thought and planning go into purchasing a boat, thoroughly understanding all of your trailer options is essential before purchasing this equipment for your boat as well. The right yard trailers can help you easily and safely haul and store boats at boatyards and marinas.

One popular type of yard trailer is the HSTY series option. This type of trailer is designed for use with deep draft sailboats as well as power boats to 100 feet. These trailers can hold boats as heavy as a whopping 200,000 pounds. Their hydraulic arms, which can be independently controlled, and their outboard hydraulic suspension are two of their top features. These adjustable-height trailers also have low-profile yard tires that are heavy capacity. You can easily use this trailer without the assistance of another individual.

HPTY series trailers are ideal for boats up to 60,000 pounds in height. These yard trailers feature an open-center frame that perfectly maintains its alignment when it is being backed under or pulled out from a boat that is blocked. The frame can also easily be raised and lowered, thanks to the trailer’s outboard hydraulic walking beam suspension. Owners of these boats enjoy their huge carrying capacity stemming from their high-flotation and low-profile industrial yard tires. The tires are especially convenient because they work well on both uneven and soft ground.

Gold Star
For smaller boats that are under 40,000 pounds, you may elect to use a Gold Star series yard trailer. These trailers are made for shoal draft sailboats and power boats. The cross beam with a V-pad is highly adjustable, allowing you to roll and lock it into position at any point along the trailer’s frame. As a result, you can enjoy top-notch keel support and quick handling. You can also adjust the height of this trailer’s beam to accommodate various drafts. A reputable provider of yard trailers can help you select the equipment that will best satisfy your needs and expectations.

If you’re interested in purchasing a yard trailer, turn to Hostar Marine Transport Systems Inc. Visit their website at hostarmarine.com to view their various trailer options.

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