Types of Honda Motorcycles for Sale

When shopping around for motorcycles, there are plenty of makes and models to choose from. For decades, one of the most popular motorcycle brands has been Honda, and for good reason. Honda has a great selection of bikes that are fuel efficient, and have low sticker prices. Honda is one of the largest automakers in Japan, and has a long history of building vehicles that people want to drive, including some pretty awesome motorcycles.

Motorcycles have been popular forms of personal transportation since the early 1900’s, and really began to grow in popularity after World War II. In 1946, engines from army motorcycles were sold off, and put into bikes that were made for everyday use by anyone who wanted them by Soichiro Honda. In 1949, the company debuted the Model D or Dream. This bike had the largest engine to date, a 50 cc engine. As the company grew, so did the size of the motorcycles. The C100 Super Club bike was created in 1958 for leisure riding, and in 1965 the CB450 was introduced. Hondas have always been affordable bikes, and readily available across the US.

At one time, British motorcycles were among the most popular bikes in the United States, until Honda came along. The company was known for building awesome racing bikes, and there are many new models of Honda motorcycles for sale that are built for racing, both on and off-road. The first racing bike from Honda was the NR500, which was introduced near the end of the 1970s. The bikes just got faster and faster from there, until the company introduced their fastest racing bike, the CBR1100XX 1137cc Super Blackbird, in 1996.

Today, Honda motorcycles for sale include cruisers, dirt bikes, side by side bikes, street bikes, scooters, and even ATV’s. For those who want to cruise or travel, one of the most popular bikes is the Honda Goldwing, which was first produced in 1980. It is lightweight, making it easy on gas, and it has plenty of power when it is needed. Check out the various models available at Musselman’s Honda in Tucson, AZ.

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