Transmission Replacement Can Be an Unfortunate Reality for Car Owners

The transmission of a vehicle is by far one of the most important working units of a vehicle. In fact, next to the engine it is the most important part of a vehicle. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive parts of the vehicle to replace. In most cases, the cost to replace a vehicle transmission can run well into the thousands of dollars. There are some ways that a vehicle owner can save a little extra money on their transmission replacement in Plano.

One option to consider when checking out the repair shops for transmission replacement in Plano is whether or not to go with a rebuilt vehicle transmission or to go with a completely new transmission replacement. There can be some savings for a rebuilt vehicle transmission. It should be noted that there is typically not a huge difference, but it is still worth considering as every little bit of savings will help, especially when it comes to transmission replacement.

A cheaper option than a rebuilt transmission is to go with a used or remanufactured vehicle transmission. Since there is no labor involved with having to rebuild a transmission, this ends up being the cheapest option. The problem is that there may not be a used or remanufactured transmission option available for a particular vehicle. When this is the case then only remaining options are either a rebuilt transmission or a brand new transmission. Each of those options means more cost.

The Cost of a Vehicle Transmission

There are several key parts that factor into the cost of a vehicle transmission repair that go beyond the cost of the parts. For one thing, the extent of the repairs plays a major factor in the overall cost of transmission replacement in Plano. If the vehicle transmission needs to be completely replaced or rebuilt this can mean the higher end of the cost chart. If there are only a few minor repairs needed, such as replacement of the clutch, then the cost for repairs or replacement is much less.

Another factor besides extent of repair is the make and model of the vehicle that needs to be repairs. Foreign cars will always have a higher cost of repairs than a domestic car. If the vehicle is a rare vehicle or a classic vehicle then of course the repair or replacement costs for the vehicle transmission will be much higher.

Finally, the type of transmission in the vehicle will also play a major factor in the overall cost of repair or replacement. There are two types of transmissions. One is an automatic transmission, and the other is a manual transmission. The manual transmission will cost significantly less to repair or replace than an automatic transmission would.

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