Tips for Purchasing a Used ATV in Tucson

Purchasing a Used ATV in Tucson can be a huge money saver when compared to the price of a brand new model. Unfortunately, it can also be a disaster if you don’t know what to look for. There are countless horror stories of people using their hard earned money to purchase a used ATV only to have disaster strike just a couple of weeks later. A good deal on a used model can quickly become an expensive venture when faced with broken axles or having to build a new engine. A few simple tips can help you tell the difference between a quality ATV and a disaster waiting to happen.

First, a little conversation goes along way. Always ask the seller about the ATV. Do they have service notes? Why have they decided to sell? What has been there experience with the model? An honest seller will explain any potential issues, but unfortunately some sellers are not always honest. Striking up a conversation about the ATV can often lead to information that was left out of the original sales ad.

Pull the dipstick. A quick peek at the engine oil can tell you a lot. When oil breaks down, metal parts quickly start to wear out. Seriously dirty engine oil can be an indicator that the machine has not been properly cared for. On the other hand, extremely clean engine oil can be a sign that the ATV has recently been flushed for potential issues. Once again, if you have concerns, ask the owner. A seller who is unwilling to answer questions, probably has something to hide.

Always take in to consideration the condition of the tires. Many people think a used ATV with a few worn tires can yield a better price. This may be true, but if you’re looking at a machine with worn tires, it’s important to add the cost of new tires into your budget. You can easily spend several hundred to over $1,000 on tires. If it’s possible you will need to replace the tires quickly, use this as a bargaining chip on getting a better price.

Finally, if dealing with a private seller makes you nervous, many dealers sell used ATVs as well. For a good deal on a Used ATV in Tucson, visit one of the many reputable dealers that offer used Cycles Skis And ATV’s.

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