Tips for Car Waxing in Baltimore

Nothing quite beats the feeling of cruising down the highway in a freshly washed and waxed automobile. While everyone knows washing and waxing should be done by hand, there are some things many car owners are doing wrong. Here are a few tips for Car Waxing in Baltimore.

     *     Firstly, it makes a bug difference where the physical location of the car is when being waxed. Try to never wax the car in direct sunlight, as this can cause the was to harden too rapidly. Theoretically, the car should always be waxed indoors such as in a garage. If a garage is not available, then, at the very least, park the car in the shade. Also, experts recommend not waxing the car in extreme temperatures.

     *     There are two types of automobile waxes that are commonly available. The first is wax in paste form. When using wax in this form, only use a small amount. Put the wax on a sponge that is both clean and dry. The second type of wax that is widely available is liquid. If using liquid wax, pour a small amount in a straight line directly onto the part of the car that is to be waxed. The brand of wax used is completely up to the individual automobile owner. It all depends on their personal preference.

     *     Many newbies to Car Waxing in Baltimore make the mistake of trying to wax too much at once. It is not possible to deliver a quality wax job this way. For instance, if one is waxing the hood, try to split it up into two to three sections. Once one section is waxed and it is dried, buff it with a clean microfiber cloth and only then move on to the next section.

     *     If the finish seems to be streaking, waxing professionals, such as those that can be found at Diamond Detail Inc., recommend using a solution of distilled water and is opropyl alcohol. By spraying this on the surface, it will remove any hazing and streaking occurring on the finish.

Stay true to these tips whenever it is time to wax the car and the result will car show quality! Remember, a happy car is a happy driver!


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