The Value of Having Insurance Coverage for Collision Repair

When one is in a motor vehicle accident, it is likely that there are going to be damages to their vehicle. The person who is at-fault in the accident is liable for any and all damages, but it is still necessary for both parties to go through their respective insurance agencies. All accidents must also be reported to local police, no matter how serious the damages are. After reporting the accident, one must then take their vehicle to an auto body shop to get an estimate for repairs. No insurer will pay for any repairs until they have the estimates that they require. Often, repair shops will work with insurers, so their clients don’t have to.

The reason why people have insurance coverage for Collision Repair is so that they know that if they are involved in accidents, they don’t have to pay for their expenses themselves. Insurance coverage allows them to have their vehicles repaired so they are as good, or better, than they originally were. But, they are only required to pay for repairs that are necessary because of accidents. For instance, if there are rust spots or previous damage, the insurance company isn’t responsible to have these things repaired. If this extra work is going to be done, it is at the expense of the person, not their insurer.

In many cases, reconditioned parts will be used. These are just as good as new parts, but cost a lot less. If these parts are going to be used, they must be the same type as what was originally in the vehicles, as well as the same quality. This is a win-win for all involved. Insurance companies don’t have to pay out nearly as much money, and their clients get their vehicles repaired with quality parts.

In addition to used parts, after-market parts may also be used for Collision Repair. These are parts that are brand new, but not factory original. They are often over-runs from original part makers, or from companies that manufacture replacement parts. To learn more about parts and repairs after collisions, contact Texas Body & Frame.

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