The Proper Storage of Your ATV

Once the riding season is over, you need to put away your ATV until the next season. Proper storage of your all terrain vehicle is crucial in order to ensure that it remains functional for many years to come.
By following the necessary steps in order to prepare it for storage, you will save yourself plenty of money and time the next season you bring it out. Improper storage can cause damage ranging from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it is avoidable with little effort.

Many riders, out there, prefer to tuck them in the back of the storage shed or garage with no concern about its handling until the next season begins. However, a few simple precautions that are carried out for seasonal storage will inevitably save from headaches.

Maintenance Schedule

For starters, you should be up to date about your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. If not sure whether you have kept up with the program, before storing the vehicle away is the best time to catch up. Ensuring that your vehicle is up to date will save a tremendous amount of time when the next riding season kicks off.

Check Fuel Line

Check the fuel line and ensure that it is not damaged from your last riding adventure. If damaged, replace it immediately. Faulty fuel lines can be a major fire hazard as you operate your machine, a situation that should be avoided at all costs.

Ensure the fuel lines and tank are well drained and cleaned, before you place your vehicle in storage. Fuel left in the tank and lines can turn acidic and slowly eat away at the metal. The fuel can also break down and eventually leave sediments and water in your fuel delivery system. Draining all the fuel saves your engine parts, gaskets and tank.

Tighten Nuts and Bolts

Ensure that all your vehicle’s nuts and bolts are accounted for and tightened. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications on the proper torque amounts to use while tightening loose bolts and nuts. If any nuts or bolts are missing, replace them immediately.

According to the professionals at Website Domain, investing effort and time in preparation of storage will help extend your ATV’s life as well as save you lots of money in the end.

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