The Fine Details About Obtaining A Ford Transit Rental

In New York, rental car providers go the extra mile and offer transit vehicles that are idyllic for your next relocation project. The vehicles are reliable and offer the right amount of space for your household items. A local rental provider offer all the fine details about obtaining a Ford Transit Rental today.

Convenient Rental Options

The car and truck rental provider offers Ford transit vehicles to help you move into your new place. The vehicles are serviced regularly and offer a smooth ride. The vehicles offer adequate cargo space for your belongings and keep them safe throughout your travels. The rentals are available through the week and on weekends to provide you with the most convenient schedule possible.

Choosing the Right Size

The transit trucks are available in fourteen or twenty feet. The fourteen-foot trucks are ideal for cargo loads equivalent to a one-bedroom apartment. The twenty-foot options provide enough room for up to a three bedroom home. It is recommended that you review the interior of the trucks when making your selections. If you have a larger place, it will require more than one trip to complete your move.

How are Rates and Fees Calculated?

The rental fee starts with a flat-rate price based on the transit truck’s size. Next, the total daily mileage is determined according to the distance between your old place and your new location. The rental provider has a predetermined mileage allowance for the vehicles. Any mileage beyond the set distance leads to additional fees.

Tools to Make the Move Easier

All transit truck rentals come with dollies and ramps to make it easier to load and unload the trucks. The tools are available without any additional fees. It is recommended that you reconnect the dollies on the track inside the transit truck to prevent any damage.

In New York, rental car providers offer transit truck rentals at affordable rates. The rental options offer convenience and are real time savers when you need to move quickly. The vehicles are available in two sizes and offer adequate cargo space for all your items. If you want to learn more about obtaining a Ford Transit Rental contact C.C. Rental right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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