The Best Years For Purchasing A Used Mercedes-Benz CLA

If you have your eye on purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz in Philadelphia, why not look at the very urbane Mercedes-Benz CLA? Models date back to 2013 when they first were marketed, however, the latest and second generation takes you closer to the latest tech versions of 2024. This used vehicle can provide you with the refined swagger you desire while offering a reliable and smooth ride.

Best Years of the Mercedes-Benz CLA

As a used Mercedes-Benz, the CLA fares well on the market. The first generation, dating from 2013 to 2019, proved to be very popular. This is a luxury, compact executive car that has a beautiful interior with lush accoutrements. It comes with many technological and safety features. It is the choice of many buyers.

For those who want to increase the amount of tech, the better choice may be the 2020 CLA – a 221-horsepower, luxurious, four-door coupe. While retaining the comfort and refinement this car is noted for in all its incarnations, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA possesses the then-latest version of the MBUX infotainment system. It also offers an improved ride. The interior has also been upgraded, improving the level of luxury typical of any Mercedes-Benz.

Coming to an End

If you intend to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz CLA from a dealership in Philadelphia, you might want to do so this year. Rumor has it that this vehicle may be discontinued in 2025. However, this will not put an end to your chances of obtaining a used Mercedes-Benz CLA anytime soon.

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