The Best Benefits of Buying a Used Car as Opposed to a Brand-New Vehicle

Over two times as many used consumer motor vehicles are sold throughout the United States every year than their new counterparts. Pre-owned cars in Shorewood, IL, are so popular for a number of reasons. Check out these top reasons why purchasing used vehicles is better than opting for their brand-spanking-new counterparts.

Used Cars Do Not Depreciate That Much

Depreciation is, in simple terms, the wear and tear that every asset experiences over time, including vehicles. New cars drop much more in value in their first few years of operation than their used counterparts. As such, you are effectively saving more money by reserving yourself to used vehicles.

Used Cars Have Proven Whether or not They Are Lemons

Lemons are vehicles that essentially fall apart after purchase and are unable to repair reasonably. Certified pre-owned cars in Shorewood, IL, come with promises from used car dealers to operate as promised. Since they have already been driven for thousands of miles, there is no chance of them being lemons.

Insurance Costs Less

No matter what state you live in, you are required to keep car insurance on any motor vehicle you use to drive on city roads, state highways, and interstate corridors. Tons of drivers do not care about insuring their own vehicles and only want to meet this legal requirement. Car insurance premiums on used cars cost so much less than their newer counterparts because there is less value to cover in the event of an accident. Further, drivers of used cars are less likely to purchase collision or comprehensive insurance coverage, further making insurance cost less.

If you want to find out more information about buying a used vehicle, come see us at Ron Tirapelli Ford, Inc., in Shorewood, Illinois. Interested in learning more before you make the trip? Visit us online at today.


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