Take a malfunctioning Muffler to Muffler Shop in Avondale AZ

The muffler forms part of a car’s exhaust system. While the exhaust system channels smoke away from the car’s interior system, the muffler discharges fumes into the environment. The whole system boosts a car’s optimum engine performance. A malfunctioned muffler should be repaired at any reputable muffler shop in Avondale AZ. This article highlights some of the signs of a faulty muffler.

Extremely Loud Noise

A notable sign that a car’s muffler isn’t working properly is that the car produces extremely loud noise while running. A hole inside the muffler can be the reason behind its loud sound. Such car owners may fall in trouble with noise ordinances in various cities against loud mufflers.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

A muffler that has malfunctioned due to a hole can cause carbon monoxide leak inside the vehicle. In effect, the driver and passengers may experience nausea, dizziness, and headaches while inside the vehicle. Moreover, prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide may eventually lead to unconsciousness or even death.

Clunking Sound

Another key sign of a malfunctioned muffler is a clunking sound when the car is running. Chances are a broken part of the muffler might have come off and is clattering in the exhaust system, resulting in the clunking sound. Car owners should take their vehicles to a muffler shop in Avondale AZ anytime they hear a strange sound coming from the exhaust pipe.


A simple inspection of the muffler can reveal signs of wear and tear as well. Inspect the muffler for rust, which is an indication that the muffler has a problem. The presence of rust or a hole in the muffler calls for a quick muffler replacement by a certified mechanic.

Thick Exhaust Smoke

The emission of thick smoke when the car is running is a sign that the muffler isn’t working as expected. This may be dangerous so get in touch with a certified repair shop right away.

Call Joe’s Auto when faced with a muffler problem. The above-mentioned signs should help pinpoint the source of the problem and have it resolved right away. Better be safe than sorry.


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