Switch to alternative fuel vehicles

With the advancement of science and technology, the world has shifted towards more economic fuel consuming vehicles, which has proved to be cheaper and environment friendly by nature. To define more precisely, those vehicles which run on fuels other than petrol or diesel are called alternative fuel vehicles. Ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, propane and CNG fall under the category of alternative fuels.

Vehicles running with alternative fuels are real chic, classy, robust vehicles and definitely prove to be the futuristic models. Cars like Toyota Prius, General Motors EV1 electric car, Nissan Leaf, Nuna solar power, Ford Taurus, Total Flex, Fiat Sienna Tetrafuel and Honda FCX Clarity are examples of alternative fuel vehicles. Well, there are other vehicles which run on flexible multiple fuels as well. The developed countries of the world preferred to switch to alternative fuel vehicles on account of Pollution Control.

The Government has started to support the usage of alternative fuels by offering lower tax structures. Moreover, alternative fuels have got many advantages like sustainability of vehicles, economic fuel cost, environment friendly nature, reduction in oil dependence costs and so on. Developed countries like USA, Japan, Europe have started special shows on alternative fuel vehicles, and hybrid cars, thereby demonstrating the efficiency of these fuels and long term effect on SUV, MUVs’. If you simply study the Energy Impact Score on fuels, you will come to know the trend of dependence on traditional fuel. You will come to analyze the importance of switching to alternative fuels in the near future. A nation may not eliminate the need to import oil. The Govt. has to pay extra for that, but the solution lies in shifting to easily available, economic sources of fuel to meet the daily demands. If this becomes a trend, then the world will switch to 100% alternative fuel efficient vehicles in the next 50 years.



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