Signs That You Need Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison, MI

If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, the problems that arise are almost always problems of mechanical error. There is very little human involvement in the operation of the transmission, so it would be difficult for you to be responsible for what has gone wrong with it. The most common human problem is one of negligence. If your transmission is leaking automatic transmission fluid, you need to address the issue quickly. If you don’t, you could severely damage your transmission. So, here are some signs that you need automatic transmission repair.

Puddles Under Your Car

If you are pulling out of your parking spot and you see a puddle underneath your car, you need to inspect it. Transmission fluid tends to be a bright color; in the past, they were all standardized as pink or red, but that is not necessarily the case anymore. Transmission fluid is thick like motor oil. If you think transmission fluid is leaking, take your car in immediately for automatic transmission repair in Jenison, MI.

You can click here to see what kind of help you can get to solve your issues. There are many different ways in which transmission fluid leaks can prove disastrous.

Slow Shifts

When you press the gas or go up a hill, your car will likely shift gears. In a car that needs automatic transmission repair, those shifts could be incredibly sluggish. There will be a lag between when one gear disengages and when the next gear engages.

Rough Shifts

Similar to the slow or lagging shifts, the rough shift will be a marked departure from the way your transmission used to operate. A rough shift can either be one that grinds audibly or one that actually physically rattles your vehicle. Both are common problems.

If you are having any of these symptoms, you need to immediately take your vehicle to a transmission repair specialist. Visit the website website domain for more information.

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