Signs of Problems With Car Brakes in Groton

While the accelerator pedal may provide a thrill ride (depending on the type of vehicle), the brake pedal can bring that ride to a safe stop. Whether it’s on the track or on the highway, there’s nothing as important as good brakes. Drivers should look for the following signs of trouble with their brakes in Groton.

A Howling or Grinding Noise

In most cases, the first sign of brake failure is a grinding noise that happens when the brakes are applied. This occurs for two reasons; first, some brake pads have a mechanism that makes noise when it’s time for a change. Second, the noise could simply mean that the pads have worn to the point that metal is hitting metal.

An ABS Warning Light

If a vehicle’s ABS system warning light turns on, the driver should take the car in for service right away. An illuminated ABS light could be due to several problems, and computerized diagnosis is the only way to ensure that the proper repairs are made.

Pulling to Either Side

When the brakes are applied, the vehicle should keep going in the same direction. However, if it pulls to the left or right when the brakes are applied, the pads could be wearing unevenly, or the brake fluid could be contaminated.


When the brakes are applied, a vibration could be due to warped or scratched rotors, which are what the pads rub against to slow the vehicle down. If the rotors are damaged, the pads have no even surface to grab, which diminishes braking ability.

A Spongy Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal goes further toward the floor than necessary, it may be due to excessive brake pad wear. However, other, more dangerous problems can cause similar symptoms, such as a brake fluid leak or air within the brake lines. In any case, the driver should come in for service on their Brakes in Groton.

Brake problems can be dangerous, and drivers shouldn’t delay repairs if they think they’re having brake issues. For expert repairs and prompt, professional service, schedule an appointment online or call the shop today.


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